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U.B.R. "Se en lep dan za umret" (ltd. red vinyl)
U.B.R. "Se en lep dan za umret" (ltd. red vinyl)
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ALCOHOLATOR "Escape from reality"


Alcoholator is yet another thrash metal group from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Originally formed back in 2010, this freshly born entity wasted little time, issuing their four song Drunker Than Thou demo later that year, a release that led to their debut full-length, Coma, to see release through EBM Records in 2011. 2012 saw bassist Jesse Mamano depart, and then 2013 found his replacement, Marc, leave a year later. As it stands, guitarist Oli Whiskey (ex-Talamyus), lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Butcher (ex-Abüsor), and drummer Phil Macht (Under the Grave) remain the only founding members, joined by bassist Jonathan Gourdeau (WarCall) in 2013, and Fred Bizier (Reanimator) in 2014. It's now 2015 and the five-piece dual-bassist Thrashers return with their overdue follow-up album, Escape from Reality. Escape from Reality carries itself with a subtle hint of a crossover thrash vibe and dirty atmosphere in the vein of Tankard (who this band is considered to be the Canadian answer for) and early Exodus, not to mention modern revivalist entries like Gama Bomb and even Municipal Waste. Aggressive and somewhat lo-fi, Alcoholator unleash bulky sounding performances that seem to cater more to a higher pitch in its analog foundation despite having two bassists within its ranks. The glory to this, however, is that you get the best of both worlds. Not only is there a deeper, though somewhat drowned out backbone to the music, there's also a notable twang that acts like another rhythm guitar, a welcome addition to this gritty throwback to the style's glory days. Alcoholator takes the traditional gritty Thrash/Crossover style from when bands like Anthrax and Exodus ruled the roost, put some finishing touches on it and, really, that isn't a bad thing overall. If you enjoy a good-old-fashioned thrash metal beat down with alcoholic themes wedged in from time to time, Escape from Reality is the right record for you!

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