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BATTLE ATTACKER "Silly notice" (diehard) PREORDER
BATTLE ATTACKER "Silly notice" (diehard) PREORDER
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HELLISH CROSSFIRE "Slaves of the burning pentagram"


Slaves of the Burning Pentagram is pure Teutonic thrash. There is no useless technicality, no unneeded clean sung choruses, no mosh-ready breakdowns, nothing but straight ahead, high-speed Germanic thrash in the style of Kreator, Sodom and Destruction. If one could imagine Pleasure to Kill and Persecution Mania being played at the same time, it would probably sound something like this. From the mid paced, but by no means slow, 'Eternal Tyranny' (which, ironically, at 3:53, is the shortest song on the whole album), to the surprisingly brutal 'Claw of the Reaper', Hellish Crossfire unleash teutonic thrash attack after teutonic thrash attack. Not once does it all pause long enough for you to get your breath back. This album reeks of Sodom, Destruction and Deathrow, with a hint of more corpsepaint-inclined bands such as Niflheim. With the current thrash revival, rare is the band that is content to just play thrash and nothing else; rare is the band that's content to just write great riffs and some catchy choruses, to gallop along and let thrash be thrash. This would have been a huge album had it been released in '87 or '88, as it stands in '07 or '08, it reminds that little compares with a great thrash metal record.

Questo prodotto è stato aggiunto al nostro catalogo il domenica 02 agosto, 2015.
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