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THE EXECUTE "The antagonistic shadow"
THE EXECUTE "The antagonistic shadow"
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ABIGAIL "Intercourse and lust"


In the more than 20 years of Abigail’s existence the bands has undergone a noticeable stylistic evolution from sinister Yakuza Black Metal to the band’s later period of sexualcoholic Street Metal Thrash. Up until the mid-1990s, Abigail was known exclusively for its Black Metal sound and ranked alongside Sabbat and Sigh among Japan’s most evil exports. The handful of demos Abigail released between 1992 and 1996 saw Abigail ushering in its malefic strain of Black Metal and securing for the band a prominent position among the elite bands within the genre’s Second Wave emanation. Abigail’s debut album, released by Modern Invasion in 1996, highlights the manner in which Abigail infused its traditionalist Black/Thrash approach with eccentric embellishments. The album, “Intercourse and Lust,” stands as a monument to the Far East Black Metal sound. “Intercourse and Lust” has stood the test of time and is as relevant in 2013 as it was when it was initially released. Driven by Yasuyuki’s bass combined with Youhei’s drums, the album is solidly anchored. Former guitarist Yasunori guided the band through searing, off-kilter Black Metal tracks such as “A Witch Named Aspilcuetta” and “Confound Eternal” while also steering more traditional Blackened Thrash oriented tracks like “The Bone Hunter” or the hammering frenzy of “The Crown Bearer.” “Intercourse and Lust” showcases the ability of the three-piece band to deftly interpose elements of myriad styles into the overall sound of the album. Yasuyuki’s familiar vocal rasp adds the final sonic flourish. The lyrics on “Intercourse and Lust” are noteworthy because many of the songs were written by Chuck Keller (Order From Chaos, Vulpecula, Ares Kingdom) and bear the evocative and poetic mark of his lyrical imagery. Juxtaposed with Keller’s lofty lyrical approach is the street-gutter violence of tracks like “Attack with Spell” and “Hail Yakuza,” the latter of which concludes the album with a series of Yakuza film samples. As Abigail’s popularity has grown dramatically through the past decade, “Intercourse and Lust” has assumed the stature of a classic album.

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